January 2017 Favorites

One thought on “January 2017 Favorites”

  1. Great read nicki!!
    I have never been one for lotions or anything simply because my skin is wayyy sensitive to like literally everything!! Love playing pokemon i will have to purchase a ds as well.. Sounds amazing. Also will probably check out those shows. Never been much for tv.. Video games were pretty much how i spend my spare time (when i get it). I have a ps3 my bf has multiple consoles.. He has a wii with like every 1st gen nintendo game on it ( love me some mario, DK and many many more). I have recently bought the game killing floor 2.. I love it for how challenging it is.. I hate it for how repetitive it is.. Same enemys, but every map has a different boss so thats a plus i guess.. Well thanks for the recommendations i will definitely try some of these out.

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